Welcome to our new Peabody Economic Development Website. We are so excited to bring you important information on how to help your business succeed in Peabody. You will find licensing/permitting/zoning information, maps, development incentives and resources, along with Commission and Board meeting schedules and contact information.

You will also find news on what is going on in the City, who recently cut a ribbon for their new business, upcoming events and other issues of importance to Peabody businesses.

We also have coming an exciting section that will allow local real estate agencies to list their commercial properties with us, so that you can get a quick view of what’s currently available in the City.

As Business Liaison, I will be keeping the new website updated, as well as sharing with you ideas and programs through my monthly blog. Feel free to send me your thoughts of what you would like to see on the blog!

On behalf of Mayor Bettencourt and everyone here at City Hall, we welcome you to our City and look forward to doing business with you!