Mayor Ted Bettencourt and the Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce welcomed CEO Sandra Batakis and the Sandra Network to her new location at 515 Lowell Street, Unit 4 in Peabody.

Sandra Batakis founded Sandra Network in 1994 after spending many years in the training industry.  She recognized the value of not only combining great IT support, and the ability to communicate with users on their needs, but to empower them to succeed with the tools given to them.

If your business is located in any of the cites and towns on Boston’s North Shore, then Sandra Network is your source for comprehensive, stress free IT support. From hardware, software to network issues, Sandra Network will make your problems disappear. Do your users need a little training? Whether it’s on site or web based, they have that covered, too.

For more information, contact the Sandra Network at 978-535-0202 or