Conservation Commission


The Conservation Commission is composed of nine volunteer members, appointed by the Mayor. The Commission was established to protect and promote Peabody’s natural resources, to protect watershed resources, to protect wetland resource areas, to provide permitting review for proposed projects within resource areas and their buffers, and to coordinate with other town officials and boards on conservation issues that relate to its areas of responsibility.

If your property is within 100-200 feet of wetlands (river, stream, brook, pond, lake, swamp, wet meadow, marsh, etc.) or vernal pool you will most likely have to file with the Conservation Commission.

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State Permit Application Forms

Forms for filing a Wetlands Permit under the states Wetland Protection Act can be found at

All documents can be obtained on MASSDEP’s website, but will not have Peabody ordinance wording on it. 

All documents must include the words “City of Peabody-Wetlands and Rivers Protection Ordinance: Chapter 32,” in the document header. Hand printing or typing is acceptable.

State permit fees are determined by the project type. The categories are listed in 310 CMR10.03(7) fees.

The Commission will wait until the Department of Public Services and the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP’s) comments on the application are satisfied before approval.

The Commission typically meets on the second Wednesday of each month. Please contact the Conservation Commission Agent (978.538.5782) for any changes regarding hearing dates and deadlines.

Conservation Commission Contact Information

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Lucia DelNegro


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