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Peabody City Hall                                                                                                  November 2, 2023

Department of Community Development

and Planning




Mayor Edward A. Bettencourt, Jr. is excited to announce the launch of Vision 2035, a comprehensive update to the City of Peabody’s Masterplan. Overseen by the City’s Community Development and Planning Department, Vision 2035 will strive to create a Peabody for all.

“A new Master Plan is key to maintaining Peabody’s growth and vitality over the long term,” said Mayor Ted Bettencourt. “We seek input from Peabody residents and business owners because their perspective will help create the most inspiring vision for our city’s future.”

Vision 2035 will be integral for the City and will develop an all-encompassing guide and shared vision for the future of Peabody. Vision 2035 creates the framework to guide decision making in the City and develops community supported goals and objectives to reach these decisions. Vision 2035 will ensure growth in the City is responsible, appropriate and meets the community’s needs.

“Vision 2035 is extremely important as it will provide the outline for the future of this City, creating a community-oriented plan of action and developing a road map for future growth” states Curt Bellavance, Community Development and Planning Director. “It Is our main goal to ensure this plan represents the communities voice, and we welcome all of Peabody to help take part in this update.”

The City has hired design firm Stantec to assist the City with the updating of the Plan. Alison LeFlore, Project Manager who participated in the first pop up event of the project, said she is “very excited to have the opportunity to help the City of Peabody complete this long-overdue master plan that will be based on a strong community-generated vision.” She looks forward to getting to know the rest of the community through the numerous upcoming engagement activities.

In addition to the Community Development and Planning Department, and Stantec, the City has assembled a “Master Plan Steering Committee” consisting of Peabody residents to assist the City on this plan update. The Steering Committee will provide support during the planning process, ensuring that Vision 2035 is representative of our community’s ambitions and wishes. Members of the committee represent the various geographic areas and communities in the City. The planning process will also include city-wide engagement activities and events, providing many opportunities for the community to provide feedback and their voice.

City Staff and Stantec will be conducting the first public workshop and visioning session on November 16th to discuss the project and gather input from the community.

To stay up to date on events and project updates please check out link to VISION 2035 webpage, https://engagestantec.mysocialpinpoint. com/peabody-vision-2035.